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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We Must Rebuild

 Vanguard Saga of Heroes Quest
 its on Kaon's Rush map

quest name: We Must Rebuild
quest giver: Enorian Farsinor (URT)
starting map: Kaon's Rush
quest starting location: 25 Enorian Farsinor, URT
optimal level: 16

Quest Starting Location:

Quest Description:
This is the fourth of 5 quests for the HERO MISSION: FEEDING FRENZY
issued by Enorian Farsinor (URT). You are asked to Acquire Fairy
Mushroom Spores x25. Reward is 1s60c. The first time I did this quest,
it was a challenge for level 15/16 but I accomplished it. Now, they have
changed the NPC's so that they gang on you. Be prepared to die a lot or
wait and get bigger! This quest is fought at coordinates -36582,5588
(Vasinaril's Corruption) or the "large fairy ring." The other quests for
THAT DIDN'T WORK. I don't recall #5.
by HI

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