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Direct Approaches

 Vanguard Saga of Heroes Quest
 its on Kaon's Rush map

quest name: Direct Approaches
quest giver: Inquisitor Nolren
starting map: Kaon's Rush
quest starting location: 11 Inquisitor Nolren
optimal level: 15

Quest Starting Location:

Quest Description:
This is the third of four quests given by Inquisitor Nolren. Nolren is
found at the noted coordinates (the first building on the right as you
enter Arlinora's Retreat.) This is a level 15+/- quest. You are asked to
collect Kaon Soul Absorbed x15 and Kaon Vortexes x6. Use the small fairy
circles across the river. Nolren gives you a magic device to absorb the
souls, which simply hang around waiting to be absorbed once the Kaon is
killed. Just right click on the device. The vortex is a small black
cloud with blue spiral in it. Not all circles have a vortex anymore.
Just click on it and you do some magic hocus-pocus and the thing
by HI

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