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Spawn Identity

 Vanguard Saga of Heroes Quest
 its on Kaon's Rush map

quest name: Spawn Identity
quest giver: Inquisitor Nolren
starting map: Kaon's Rush
quest starting location: 11 Inquisitor Nolren
optimal level: 15

Quest Starting Location:

Quest Description:
This is the second of four quests given out by Inquisitor Nolren. He is
located at the noted coordinates (the first building on the right as you
enter Arlinora's Retreat.) You are asked to collect Vial of Kaon Blood
x15 and Kaon Phase Shard x10. Reward: 1s60c. When I first did this
quest, the shards were outside the fairy circles. Now, they are inside
the circles, which makes them a bit harded to acquire. This is fairly
easy as you get these things from the small fairy circles east of
Arlinora's Retreat.
by HI

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