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Rinlor's Reagent

 Vanguard Saga of Heroes Quest
 its on Kaon's Rush map

quest name: Rinlor's Reagent
quest giver: Apprentice Rinlor
starting map: Kaon's Rush
quest starting location: 10 Apprentice Rinlor
optimal level: 15

Quest Starting Location:

Quest Description:
For level 15 +/-. Apprentice Rinlor is at the given coordinates (first
building on the left as you enter Arlinora's Retreat in Kaon's Rush.
This is the last of Rinlor's four quests. He uses the stuff you
collected in the first three quests to create a reagent, which you are
to pour into Arlinora's well. When you do, two Kaon immediately spawn
and attack you. They are easily dispatched. Reward: Armor.
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