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The Legend of Trengal Keep, part 3

 Vanguard Saga of Heroes Quest
 its on Ruins of Trengal Keep map

quest name: The Legend of Trengal Keep, part 3
quest giver: Sage Maenor
starting map: Ruins of Trengal Keep
quest starting location: 03 Trengal Watch
optimal level: -

Quest Starting Location:

Quest Description:
Objectives Examine the crystal spire Maenor has given directions to.
Walk onto it to get a full vantage for studying it. Nearby, destroy
beetles and spiders mutated by the presence of the crystals. Return to
Sage Maenor at Trengal Watch. * Mutated Beetles \ (10) * Mutated Spiders
\ (10) * Visit the Meteor Crystal Description Maenor says, "I'm sure you
noticed the monolithic crystals that project from the meteors. There's
one in particular that I want you to examine; it's on the other side of
the largest tower of Trengal." "You'll need to walk out onto the crystal
when you get there to really get a full view of it." "While you're
there, I want you to examine and kill the tainted beetles and spiders
that have been twisted by the presence of the crystals."
by Iskevosi, Storms of Vengeance, Florendyl

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