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The Great Escape

 Vanguard Saga of Heroes Quest
 its on Grimsea Watch map

quest name: The Great Escape
quest giver: Hrinka Tzin
starting map: Grimsea Watch
quest starting location: 01 Gulgrethor Clan Slave Ship
optimal level: 1

Quest Starting Location:

Quest Description:
"You look like one who knows when to take an opportunity when it comes. I've unlocked your shackles. But now you must do something for me." "I want you to free another slave and escape with him. The slavers carry the keys to the shackles. If you agree to do this task, you will have to take the key by force." "Once you get off the ship, make your way south. You will find an orc named Krar who will help you. I've marked his location down for you." "Go! Now! While the window of opportunity exists!"
Objectives * Rescue a slave and Find Scar Krar Obtain a key from a slaver, free a slave, and escape from the ship. Make your way south, and find an orc named Krar at Grimsea Watch. His location has been marked in your map.
Quest Rewards 10cp

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