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Coterie Infineum

 Vanguard Saga of Heroes Map - continent: Qalia, chunk: [-15,-11]

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List of Locations on this map

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01 Donovan's Roost (Coordinates: 26815,-1304)
02 Shidreth Trading Company (Coordinates: -26990,-20877)
03 Coterie Infineum Sanctuary (Coordinates: 34303,-39060)
04 Shidreth Mines (Coordinates: -52488,-12912)
05 Bindstone (Coordinates: -32239,-26089) by EveArio Titans

Quests available on map:

Infineum Cloak - quest giver: Scholar Donovan @ 03 Coterie Infineum Sanctuary, lvl: 0
Scholar Donovan tells you, "Untill we know why the miners are collecting the Infineum, we can't discredit the possibility that they could be a threat to Ahgram. I implore you to travel to their outpost south of here and discover their motives behind mining the Infineum." "Please report back to me when you are finished."

Clue This is a multi-layered quest. You will need to discover other quests within the Infineum Mines before you can complete this one.

Head south from Donovan's Roost to the Infineum Mines. The mobs are three and four dots in the lower twenties. From the entrance, veer to your left toward a ramp leading up to a platform with some buildings. Hang around this ramp until Warden Pondar (a mob with a white name) paths along it. Hail Pondar to be given a quest. You must do the following quests in order to complete Strange Things Are Afoot.
Avoiding the Whip, Help the Runaway, Collect Samples of Ore for Donovan.
Once you have completed these three quests, you can return to Donovan.

Scholar Donovan asks you, "I can't say that I am surprised that they attacked you. They've been hostile to people in the past. The fact that they have Aghram citizens as slaves is also troubling."
Scholar Donovan concentrates on the ore momentarily. A few seconds later, he shivers and tells you, "It is as I feared." "I must ponder this revelation. In the meantime, choose one of these items and go with my thanks. Return to me when you are ready to deal with the implications of your discovery."
Rewards Choice of: Infineum Cloak of Agression, Infineum Cloak of Deterrence, Infineum Cloak of Empathy, Infineum Cloak of Destruction, Infineum Cloak of Defence.

2nd PART: One of the required quests to complete Strange Things Are Afoot. You must have that quest in your log to obtain this quest. To obtain the quest you must locate Warden Pondar, who roams the Infineum Mining Camp and hail him. The best location to find him is the ramp to the left of the camp entrance.
Unfortunately, the mining guard that you met near the Northern Infineum Mines did not reveal any evidence of the miner's intentions. He also warned you that the mines are strictly regulated, and that the guards would attack intruders. The warden also mentioned a "Slave Driver's whip," so perhaps a slave would be more willing to divulge information regarding the mining outfit.

Find a slave willing to speak about the mining. Warden Pondar mentioned a "slave Driver's whip" so perhaps a slave would be more willing to divulge information regarding the mining outfit. Find a slave from the Infineum Mining Camp that will speak to you about the local mining activities.
Clue The slave is hiding somewhere in the green vertical pillars in the camp. The slave is hiding in the fence to the left on your way out (back north). Hail him to conclude the quest.

3rd PART: One of the required quests to complete Strange Things Are Afoot. You must have completed Avoiding the Whip to obtain this quest.
Xackaria tells you, "Name, as I explained, I require a key to remove this girdle from my waist. Until I have that key, I will say nothing further. Find the Slave Master at the Infineum Mining Camp and retrieve the key.

Key to Xacharia's Girdle. The runaway slave, Xackaria, requires a key to remove the girdle from his waist; should he leave the Infineum area, the girdle will Detonate. Travel to the Infineum MIning Camp and retrieve the key from the Slave Master. Return to Xacharia with it.

This is a multi-layered quest obtained as part of Strange Things Are Afoot. You will need to obtain that quest before you can obtain this one.
You must kill Captain Fubared in the tent at the back of the camp and take the key from him.

Xackaria tells you, "Oh, thank you so much! I doubt that there is much that I could do to convey how happy I am!" "As for the mining camp, I will admit that I know very little and that I feigned knowledge to convince you to help me." "The camps are run by the members of the cult that reside in the plateau above. I was not privy to the reason behind the mining of these crystals, although I do know that they intend to use them for some unknown ritual."

Strategy for Fubared: Fubared is in a tent at the far end of camp. You must talk to him to make him aggro. - Go behind tent. - Clear tent - Have tank talk to Fubared (must be on quest) - Pull to back entryway of tent. If you try to pull him all the way out of the tent, he resets. Have tank position himself between Fubared and tent in entryway. - Tank melees Fubared. _Only_ the tank. - At 75%, two adds will come. Everyone else kills the adds, tank continues with Fubared. - Tank continues to melee Fubared. - At 50% two adds will come. Repeat as above. - Now everyone can hit Fubared. Two adds will come at 25% percent, but kill Fubared first and then the adds.

by Brannigan Badger, 24 class Rogue, Arat-Erar, Tharridon

NPCs on this Map:

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