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Veskal's Exchange

 Vanguard Saga of Heroes Map - continent: Thestra, chunk: [-24,26]

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List of Locations on this map

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01 Spiders Cave (Coordinates: -19607,-27609) 14 lvl mobs
02 Veskal's Exchange (Coordinates: 9603,16406)
03 Koan Spiders Cave (Coordinates: -64242,-72672) by Vems LvL 13 Spiders, If you get bit a message will appear "you feel something under your skin" don't worry your just about to hatch a skin creature. by Kwahg (JohnBoB)
04 Tree of Life (Coordinates: -27901,38463) Location of tree of life needed for quest enchanting. by Rithian
Enchanting Quest from Clothbinder Iathu sends you to Tree of Life area for bark from Sprightly Treants. He warns you about Dryad, who looks after the Tree of Life and the Treants. To find the Tree of Life, head out main entrance of Veskal's Exchange toward the Xanovar's Cross bridge. Just before you get to the bridge, turn off the road to the left and go straight toward a large spreading tree with many huge branches. It is an unusal tree, you can't miss it. You should start to see some of the Treants by then. Note: If you turn left off the road too soon, you'll run itno some Verdant Lurkers so be careful. Wait 'til you get almost to the bridge, then turn South East (SE). by Aleria VennDann, Prophets of War
05 Xanovar's Cross (Coordinates: -59960,22062) by Grouetad
06 Veskal Rukeru (Coordinates: -24362,-16106)
07 Sentinel Ashtor (Coordinates: -31926,-6771) Bluemist Legiongs of Iron, Flamhammer
08 Silverpaw Wolves M (Coordinates: -35113,6134) Wolves are here ONLY at night (game time). Bluemist Legiongs of Iron, Flamhammer

Quests available on map:

Stolen Property - quest giver: Veskal Rukeru @ 06 Veskal Rukeru, lvl: Veskal is in first room inside Veskal Mercantile at Veskal's Exchange recover items form boady drops to get the three items to complet quest the first outpost listed in the quest is where you will need to hunt(kill mobs) mobs:Verdant Lurkers lvl 11 reward- soulbound- arms aromr light 9 med 17 heavy 35 there are also stats on all pieces.
Bluemist Legiongs of Iron, Flamhammer
Stricking the Viper - quest giver: Veskal Rukeru @ 06 Veskal Rukeru, lvl: Kill Guerill Clormon located in the second lurker outpost. Reward: 1s 10c.
by Bluemist Legiongs of Iron, Flamhammer
In The Night - quest giver: Sentinel Ashtor @ 07 Sentinel Ashtor, lvl: Kill 10 Silverpaw Wolves they are only there at night(game time) loc:(-35113, 6134) Just south of Veskal's exchange Reward 1s 10c.
Bluemist Legiongs of Iron, Flamhammer
Looming Assault - quest giver: Body Drop @ Body Drop, lvl: from a boady drop verdant luker outpost you will recive a Scrawled verdant lurker order right click item in inventory to recive quest turn into Veskal at Veskal Exchange reward:wrist armor light 5 med 11 heavy 22 plus stats.
Bluemist Legiongs of Iron, Flamhammer

NPCs on this Map:

Body Drop @ Body Drop
Sentinel Ashtor @ 07 Sentinel Ashtor Bluemist Legiongs of Iron, Flamhammer
Veskal Rukeru @ 06 Veskal Rukeru

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