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Shrine of the Flame

 Vanguard Saga of Heroes Map - continent: Thestra, chunk: [-27,25]

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List of Locations on this map

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01 Quartermaster Grinn (Coordinates: 59450,48301) General Goods Vendor. by Gillfrei-Talons of Justice, Florendyl
02 Log Cabin (Coordinates: 66270,32561) by Gillfrei-Talons of Justice, Florendyl
03 Nathan Silver (Coordinates: 65508,32655) by anonymous
04 Shrine of the Eternal Flame (Coordinates: -51275,43114) by anonymous
05 Ashendreg Camp (Coordinates: 38081,-56239) by anonymous

NPCs on this Map:

Kelly Nathan @ 02 Log Cabin Kelly provides the Practice Sail and Rigging for the Sloop learning quest. She is in a log cabin next to Keldorin's Wall. by Gillfrei-Talons of Justice, Florendyl
Nathan Silver @ 03 Nathan Silver Deliver Nathan Silver's crate to Quartermaster Grinn at Keldorin's Wall.(Level 22 Quest). Reward is EXP. Quartermaster Grinn gives another part of Quest also named "Silver's Delivery". Deliver rations to people all found at the wall: Private Beatrice Private Brinne Lookout Nalin Private Sonder Private Warren ...reward is EXP. Then he gives another quest part Locate Private Goldren. Quest is still called Silver's Delivery. Found the ruins, has some level 26 brownies. Killed a few and it gave me updates. Journal is bugged and under Objectives shows only a number 0/3. Quest is bugged because journal showed 3/3 but no Private Goldren. Went back to Quartermaster Grinn and he did not show it as complete. I ended up abandoning & bug reporting the quest.

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