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Ruins of Trengal Keep

 Vanguard Saga of Heroes Map - continent: Thestra, chunk: [-26,27]

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List of Locations on this map

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01 Ruins of Trengal Keep (Coordinates: -9203,12004) Mobs lvl 27 ****
02 Belost Amathir (Coordinates: -57321,-67447)
03 Trengal Watch (Coordinates: 48742,-8192)

Quests available on map:

The Legend of Trengal Keep, part 1 - quest giver: Sage Maenor @ 03 Trengal Watch, lvl: Objectives Learn about Gulgrethor orcs, Shinak goblins, entities of Koth
Teros, meteor fragments and meteor shards by killing them. Find these
beings in the main entry corridor of Trengal Keep. * Meteor Fragments
and Shards \ (10) * Entities of Phalebrus \ (3) * Orcs and Goblins \
(30) Description Maenor says, "It will take some time to learn fully
what happened here. Many beings have taken up residence in the castle,
and each one has a tale of its own." "Begin by studying the misty
entities, the orcs, the goblins, and the pieces of meteors that have, by
some unknown power, come alive. Slaying these beings will teach you much
about them."
by Iskevosi, Storms of Vengeance, Florendyl
The Legend of Trengal Keep, part 2 - quest giver: Sage Maenor @ 03 Trengal Watch, lvl: Objectives In the west wing of Trengal Keep, destroy storm elementals,
their controllers, and skeletal remains. Return to Sage Maenor at
Trengal Watch. Find these beings primarily in the west wing of Trengal
Keep. * Spellcasting Shinak \ (15) * Elemental Storms \ (15) * Skeletal
Remains \ (15) Description Maenor says, "Somehow, in the years since the
invasion, the goblins and orcs have gained power over small storm
elementals. These manifest as lightning storms with colored clouds." "On
another note, many people who died at Trengal have reappeared as
skeletons. This is unusual as well, since undead more commonly appear as
ghosts or specters." "Slay what skeletal remains you find to put them to
rest, and learn what you can of the storm elementals and the
spell-casting goblins and orcs who control them. Additional Maenor
warns, "And keep an eye out for the summoner Targrish. He's tough and
has both orc and storm minions."
by Iskevosi, Storms of Vengeance, Florendyl
The Legend of Trengal Keep, part 3 - quest giver: Sage Maenor @ 03 Trengal Watch, lvl: Objectives Examine the crystal spire Maenor has given directions to.
Walk onto it to get a full vantage for studying it. Nearby, destroy
beetles and spiders mutated by the presence of the crystals. Return to
Sage Maenor at Trengal Watch. * Mutated Beetles \ (10) * Mutated Spiders
\ (10) * Visit the Meteor Crystal Description Maenor says, "I'm sure you
noticed the monolithic crystals that project from the meteors. There's
one in particular that I want you to examine; it's on the other side of
the largest tower of Trengal." "You'll need to walk out onto the crystal
when you get there to really get a full view of it." "While you're
there, I want you to examine and kill the tainted beetles and spiders
that have been twisted by the presence of the crystals."
by Iskevosi, Storms of Vengeance, Florendyl

NPCs on this Map:

Belost Amathir @ 02 Belost Amathir Ebonwings Ebonwords Objectives Travel to the Ruins of Trengal Keep and slay Ebonwing Drakes. Return to Squire Belost at the outpost just north of Trengal Keep once the drakes have been taken care of. * Ebonwing Drakes \ (15) Description Squire Amathir says, "Ararond hasn't been the same since the ambush." "I have no doubt that Ararond and his squad could have made short work of the Gulgrethor. It must have been something else that caused their downfall. I wish I would have been allowed me to join him." "There are dark shapes flying above the keep. I theorize that one of these foul beasts ambushed Ararond and his band of soldiers." "Please, for the lieutenant, remove these scourges from the skies surrounding Trengal Keep." Additional Squire Amathir says, "Be careful, drakes are cunning opponents." Upon Completion You will be given the following rewards: * A coin reward of 1 S 40 C You will be able to choose an item from each of the following groups: Ebonwing Warbow or Ebonclaw Mace. by Iskevosi, Storms of Vengeance, Florendyl
Sage Maenor @ 03 Trengal Watch by Iskevosi, Storms of Vengeance, Florendyl

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